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Incentive with the company

 We can adapt the number of balloons to take all the passengers in safety and in comfort which makes the balloon flight an original marketing instrument.

During the duration of the balloon flight you have enough time to tie up any business deals. Customers, colleagues as well as staff will be pleased with this event. The best combination is to conduct a business during a trip. Moreover, a balloon flight up in the hot air balloon is environmental friendly image.
A balloon flight combined with a diner and/or champagne is only one of the possibilities, tell us your wish and we will do the necessary. A standard package is a snack with a drink included, also for the families and friends following.

What if there is bad weather?

Dream Ballooning offers you a good alternative if your incentive cannot be postponed, namely a trip in a tilt car.

In association with paardenmelkerij Kattenheye we offer you an excursion in Laarne, trough the fields where during the Middle Ages where burned witches and also along the splendid castle. The excursion is animated by your coachman and by the pilots of the hot air balloons. Of course the necessary drinks are foreseen and the excursion will end with a visit to the horse dairy-farm.

Also see: www.paardenmelkerij.info


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